Which One Are You? Christian Short Stories

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19 Short stories with a twist

(very short stories)

Which One Are You?” is not one of your typical christian fiction books that you will read. It is only one book but it has many different very short stories in it about the realities of life. Then what will truly happen to you if you do not turn your life around.

It has 19 christian short stories with a twist in each one of them that talks about a variety of situations. There are stories about people messing up the church as well as stories about domestic violence.

You will also read stories about people making terrible choices in life like joining a gang. Then people not willing to walk away because they are young or because of teenage peer pressure. Plus, many more stories like fathers making poor choices, doctors’ bad examples, preachers, athletes only focused on sports, people making success the only thing important, friendships, relationships, church members, and many more.

After reading this book you will say this is one of the best christian fiction books I have read all year!

4.5 Star Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

What People Say

This book is not only emotionally charged reading, but also a tool to enable misguided adults to find a way back on a path of faith and to live a life with God.

Pacific Book Review

This book can change lives!

Miss. C

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