Times Up! Part 2 – Post Apocalyptic Book

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An amazing post apocalyptic book

After the explosion, people are going crazy. People are changing physically and everyone is thinking it is a disease from the effects of the disaster, but you and I know it is not.

In this post apocalyptic book Tom and his friends are trying desperately to understand everything that is going on. They get help from some unusual characters and get invited to a place they never would of suspected.

They come to find out the truth about why they are all together and why they were so needed. Each one of them has something special in them that was needed for the journey. As well as one big surprise in the end.

They start to understand the war between good and evil is about to begin. There is no middle ground. It is time for them and everyone to choose a side!

Having an ending that ranks with the best post apocalyptic books

5 Star Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What People Say

MR.RD is a very entertaining author!

Miss. Pelzer

MR.RD is a hilarious and captivating author!

L. Pearl

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