MR.RD -The Author

Hi everyone. My name is MR.RD. I am a christian author. My goals is to help people learn how to publish for free or cheap, get closer to God and to learn more about my books. If time allows also a little about politics lol I’m still new to that. Be Blessed! #mrrd #NewToPolitics

Cleaning Out My Garage!

I know what you are thinking. Why is he talking about cleaning out his garage on his first post? Well, I was planning on starting in August but the Lord put this on my heart today. During this pandemic everyone has been talking about working out at home. I kept hearing friends and family say that’s the best thing. I was like you know what… I am going to check on equipment. I saw the pricing and said ok but right now I am on the Dave Ramsey plan and saving for my three months. I am almost there! Thank the Lord.

As I kept looking in my garage something said clean it up some more and make room. I kept pushing it off thinking I will just wait for the gyms to open back up. Then today I heard an old school saint in my head say: “How can you want God to bring you something if there is no room or place for Him to put it”. Boyyyy… after I heard that in my head, I moved the rest of the stuff out of the way and made room. I am also switching my car to the other side so I can easily get into my house through the garage once He brings it which will make even more room as well. I do not know who this is for but what you need to know is that maybe the reason God hasn’t brought your blessing yet is because there is no place or room for Him to put it.

Right now, go and clean out a space for whatever you have been asking God for and believe it will come. Because just like James 2:26 – (Faith without works is dead also) which means you can have all the faith you want but if you are not cleaning out your garage to make room then do not expect it to happen.

Like Rev. Cornelius said in his sermon today: “God is about to make a move! It doesn’t matter if you do not know what He is about to do as long as God knows what God is about to do. So, do not just notice and get next to Jesus. But get near to Him and know who Jesus really is.” Thanks for reading! Have a blessed day! #MRRD #NewToPolitics

Sincerely: MR. RD