Hi. How are you? First of all let me thank you for visiting my site and giving me an opportunity to share my art with you. Well, I am from Tullahoma, Tennessee and was lead to Houston, Texas by the Lord. I had other plans but as you know his plans are not our plans.

I have been in Texas for over 12 years now. I first started writing in 2006 but did not get it edited and published for almost years. So, to people who are worried about rushing? Don’t! Trust God, pray, take your time and to do it right!

Because as one of my favorite scriptures says, “The prophets prophecy lies, the priest rule on their own authority and my people love it that way, but what will you do in the end.” (Jeremiah 5:31)

This means no matter what everyone else does or who is in charge you always have God and His word! So, as from one Christian, author, teacher or person to another take your time trust God and do what is right!

Thank you for coming and checking out my about page. Now, feel free to check out some of my books. Have a blessed day!

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